The Peruvian team will not be the only star in Russia

Published on 13 December 2017

In this year the grape will not be the only star in Russia because the Peruvian soccer team qualified for the 2018 World Cup. During the last years, the export of the Peruvian grape to Russia has been increasing. So much so that it won the first place in products exported to that country.

The Peruvian grape worldwide is renowned for its delicious and refreshing flavor, in addition to being delicious we have several varieties that foreign consumers like. As well as the grapes, the red-and-white will also give everything to succeed in Russia.

The grape also has competition in being the most exported product with a value of 19,480,358 dollars. Lead minerals and concentrates are also highly exported Peruvian products in the world, in Russia it was exported a value of $ 15,984,425. Finally a very tasty Peruvian product that is also exported a lot in the world are fresh pomegranates that were exported 15,000,623 dollars.

If we want to compare in figures the export of the grape in other countries, the Peruvian grape is more requested in the United States. In 2016, more than 200 million dollars were exported, being the highest figure compared to this year. Other countries, such as the Netherlands and China, are also places where Peruvian grapes are very popular. Russia closes 2017 with 10th place, exporting 6,474,895 dollars.

If we translate these figures by weight, the United States remains the first destination of Peruvian grapes with 86,036,055 kg. Russia also retains its position with 3% of exports, reaching 8,465,021 kg.

For now, Peruvian grapes are the number one product in Russia. In 2018 the selection will be given with the surprise of its presence and that the Peruvian quality will accompany them. Up Peru!

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