Peru’s Exports in 2015

Published on 30 September 2015

It is not new that our market has seen a worrying decline in exports. They fell no less than 20% in July of this year, hitting more strongly traditional products such as fishmeal (-19.2%) and minerals such as copper (-13.1%) and gold (-11.6%). But this is not, for any reason, reason to throw in the towel. If we have the necessary information, it is possible to identify the opportunities we need to grow. What products grew the most in exports last year? Which have the greatest potential? What new things are we exporting abroad? Whether it's to boost your business or to satisfy your curiosity, do not worry, Veritrade shares the information:

They are worth gold! - Products with the greatest increase in value

It is no surprise that gold has seen growth from 2014 to 2015. A growth of $ 221 million to be exact. Percentage-speaking, however, the lead minerals showed the greatest increase. It is also worth mentioning the important growth in the export of mangoes, the only product on the list not related to mining. Will this trend continue? Remember that we can always grow more mangoes, but minerals are limited.

A before and after - Products with a higher percentage of growth

In many cases, it is more important to pay attention to a percentage growth than to a monetary one. Many of these are products previously underestimated, for which a new demand is created. The most extreme case here is that of chicory root. Formerly, it was considered a cheap substitute for coffee. However, many nutritional properties have been discovered, and the new trend for natural remedies has increased the demand for this product.

It is not surprising that our country has an important textile industry, but it is surprising the growth in the export of the waste of this industry. The reason: a growing demand for making and selling products based on recycled materials. Ecological initiatives if they can be beneficial!

Novices - Products recently entered into the export market

Those mentioned, have just entered the foreign market this 2015. It is particularly interesting the case of condensed milk, considering that for companies like Gloria, exports represent an important 40% of its sales, mainly, on account of its flagship product: evaporated milk. Is it still not consolidated the foreign demand for the confectionary product that is condensed milk?

The same can not be said for the cartridge parts for weapons, whose main buyer is, without much surprise, the United States. Eye that the exported continue being the parts and not the complete cartridge, demonstrating again the tendency of our market to produce materials in its most basic form, in the absence of major industrial infrastructure.

In conclusion, we see that although the panorama at the macro level shows us a descent, always enter the market new stars with a lot of potential. All you need are the tools to find these golden opportunities. Do you dare to inquire more about market trends? P>




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