As a Kid on Christmas: What Are The Hottest Imported Toys this Year?

Published on 15 December 2015

Christmas came, and for the little ones that means one thing ... toys! In Veritrade, we were curious to find out which were the most popular toys this holiday season. Thanks to our tool, we were able to obtain information easily. We share it with you!

Some things never change

Call us skeptics, but a distribution like this would never have occurred to us. Considering the worldwide trend in the use of technology in children, we would have expected to see a greater demand in the category of technologies. These are some figures for the US:

. 68% of children between 6 and 13 years old have a tablet at home . 2 hours a day is the approximate one that passes each one using mobile screens

Curious, then, that this category only occupies 3% of the total for our country.
What does give us much optimism is to see that the third place corresponds to didactic games and puzzles. It is proven that these help cognitive development in young children. A controversial study from the University of London, however, ensures that tablets are more effective than books to stimulate the brains of newborns. Apparently, choosing an educational gift this Christmas was never so difficult!

Santa Claus is Chinese!

Here if there is no competition. 90% of the toys that enter Peru come from China. Moreover, a larger unquantified amount enters illegally, and by not having the regulations and respective tax duties are confiscated by SUNAT.

In fact, the toy market is an important one for the eastern country, contributing 11 trillion USD last year and showing an annual growth of 12.6%. It is estimated that this figure will continue to grow.

In fact, the typical Chinese toy is extremely economical. This is due to the cheap hand work, as well as the lack of regulation. Most Chinese action figures do not pay rights to DC Comics for their impersonations of Superman, or Marvel for the numerous Spiderman costumes, for example. Who would say that under our Christmas tree there was so much related to foreign trade? With the right tools, a world of information opens up!




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