Meet the star of Ecuadorian exports

Published on 23 October 2017

A great advantage of being a country located in the middle of the world, is to have the perfect conditions to be able to plant different types of fruits. Thanks to this, Ecuador has become the largest producer of bananas worldwide. Taking advantage of this advantage, over time it has also become one of the main exporters of bananas globally, supplying 30% of the global supply. In countries like Russia, 94% of banana imports come from Ecuador.

In what are figures, during the last two years the export of bananas has exceeded 2,700 million dollars. Until August of this year, exports are reaching 2,319 million dollars and exports are expected to be exceeded for the remainder of the year.

In 2015, more than 6 million kilos were exported to different countries in the world, but in 2016 there was a small decrease with 5,951 million kilos. In what val year is going exporting 4,394 million, with the same hope that can be overcome in these 3 remaining months of the year.

The main countries to which Ecuador has exported during the past year have been the following:

The Ecuadorian banana has managed to conquer giants such as Russia, USA and Germany. In 2017, a new giant joined like China and also Argentina and Saudi Arabia joined the top 8.

The success of the banana in recent years is due to several factors, as well as the variety that Ecuador has or the agreements that have been achieved. For example, in the current year a new trade agreement was put into effect with the European Union, in which it could have more strength to surpass the figures of past years. Ecuadorian bananas are an emblem for Ecuadorian exports!
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