The month of June brings many goals in 3D.

Published on 17 June 2016

Copa América Centenario and EUROCOPA are being held in the month of June, the month of the father's day. With these championships, the purchase of televisions could be the favorite gift for them. For this reason and knowing how important football is for them, in Veritrade, we came up with an analysis of television imports from recent years.

Television imports in 2015 fell by 21% due to the slowdown in the economy and until April 2016, 33% of the total of what was made in 2015 was imported. This indicates that there are growth expectations for this year. The players who bet on this are LG, Samsung, AOC, Sony and Panasonic.

LG is the player who invests more stock having 43% of the market share in imports followed by Samsung with 33% of the market share. It will depend on your point of sale and marketing strategy to see who wins the goal.

Countries where most TVs are imported

The main television providers are Mexico with 67%, China with 18% and Korea with 15%

In the case of Chile, they manage a better distribution strategy, segmenting in more countries. 15% of its sales in $ go to the United States and 12% to the United Kingdom. Like Argentina, we analyze how much is exported from Chile to Argentina. We see that Argentines prefer Argentine wine for the most part. Chile exports 2 M $ to Argentina. Therefore, it does not become an interesting market for Chile.

We were surprised by the results and how our perceptions are sometimes not correct. Really Chile makes a resounding victory, finishing the wine match in 8 to 1.

Is a good gift for dad a TV to watch the Copa America? Which TV brands lead the Peruvian market? Would you like to know how many TV units are imported per year? Log in to Veritrade and request your free trial so that you know more information about the market that your business needs:




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