3 things you can do with Veritrade that you didn't know about

Published on 19 November 2021

In this article, we explain three ways in which our portal makes the search for information on foreign trade simpler and more effective. The benefits go beyond the quantitative.

Veritrade is a trade intelligence platform that is not only distinguished by its access to abundant information. With us, you will have access to solutions that will allow you to automate information processes, in addition to providing access to 108 databases from 49 countries (in practice we cover all exports and imports to and from markets of interest globally).

In this note, we show you three features that we offer to improve your data searching and product and company tracking experience.

1. Verialerts
Our system has a function that allows you to program the sending of e-mail alerts every time the database with the information of an item or company is updated. It should be noted that the alerts are not just a simple notice about the availability of new information: each message is accompanied by percentage variations concerning previous periods and the top 5 companies or products.

In the following image, we show an example of the alerts that are received by mail:

2. Favorites
You can save in your account the names or numbers of the items you want to investigate repeatedly. The generation of the reports is instantaneous after clicking on Search, but the analytical process takes more time. With this feature, you will save the hassle of going through the multiple data displayed in the reports until you extract the ones that are determined to be relevant targets. That is especially useful for Tariff Item searches, which are very difficult to remember due to the number of figures involved.

The following images show an example of a list of items stored as favorites for imports from Peru:

3. "My Companies" module
Similar to the Favorites function, company names can be saved to generate shortcuts for a specific search. The most beneficial feature of this function is that it provides graphical reports showing annual evolutions, shareholdings, and relevant figures, with the option of downloading them as an image.

Below, you can see an example of what the module enables. The graphical report below was obtained with a single click, as opposed to the dozens of minutes it would take to process all the information in Excel until the graphs were prepared and configured.

These are just some of the benefits of using our services, what are you waiting for to try them?

For more information about what we have in store for you, you can visit Veritrade's website.
Request your free trial at https://bit.ly/VRTFreeTrial.




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