5 reasons to choose Veritrade

Published on 06 September 2021

Find out why we are the best foreign trade information services platform in the market. With us, you will be able to make decisions in less time and with greater accuracy.

Searching for information on international trade movement can be a very tedious process if you don't have the right tools. Even specialized country search engines can be a limited resource when it comes to comparing more than two countries. With Veritrade, this is no problem.

On our platform, you will have access to 108 databases that allow you to analyze the foreign trade statistics of 49 countries. With this, it will only take a few clicks to have the information of all customs movements to each destination or origin involved in the commercial exchange of all the markets included in the portal.

In this article, we explain five reasons why you should choose us as your business intelligence partner.

  • 1. Enjoy an interactive platform optimized for you

  • We designed an interface where you can easily intuit which functions to use and the necessary filters to turn a complex process into a simple three-step search. Yes, just three clicks: choose a country, and a destination, origin, trade description, customs heading, exporter or importer, and that's it!

    These searches can be grouped according to product description or tariff heading, country of destination and origin, exporting or importing company, and cumulative period of records on a monthly basis. In this way, reports are obtained, ordered from highest to lowest value, with information on weight or volume, average prices per unit, companies involved, means of transport used, customs, port and transport operators, customs offices of departure and destination.

  • 2. Find your favorites in one place

  • All Veritrade users can register companies or products in a list of favorites to shorten time in the next searches. Normally, one must search by product description which will result in a list of several items, as may be the case of all those corresponding to the word coffee for exports from Colombia. However, the user might be interested in heading 0901119, corresponding to coffee not roasted or decaffeinated. When finding the specific heading in the list of products resulting from the search for the filter "coffee", it is possible to save that heading as a favorite product, and thus avoid the double search process next time.

    In addition, when registered, special programming functions can be applied, such as the generation of reports with analytical graphs like the ones shown below, which can also be exported as an image.

  • 3. Know everything with Verialerts

  • One of the advantages of registering products or companies as favorites is that you can program alerts to be sent to your e-mail every time the database linked to the search is updated, including indicators on variations. In this way, you can stop having to wait every day to find out when a figure is updated.

    As an example, one may wonder what is the last month for which complete data on a product is available for the latest available period, as customs may have sent information that is only partial. This is often noticed when comparing with the same month of the previous year, which may have a much higher figure, precisely because of having complete data while the current year's figure needs to be updated. To solve this, alerts can be programmed that allow to corroborate each time that the data have been updated if they can already be considered as corresponding to the complete month. In this way, users will be prepared to make a decision before everyone else, as soon as the figures have been released.

  • 4. Take advantage of strategic alliances with Sentinel and Informa Colombia

  • With Veritrade, your trade intelligence activities will reach an advanced level that goes beyond the data provided by customs. In the case of Colombia and Peru, we have established an agreement with Sentinel to access the credit rating information of companies that carry out foreign trade operations in both countries.

    This way, you will be able to know if a potential buyer has the capacity to pay, or prevent doing business with a supplier with potential problems to maintain a sustained supply. At the other end of the spectrum, you can be informed about which companies are the most reliable from the point of view of financial health.

  • 5. Get personalized support

  • At Veritrade, from the first moment you will be attended by a personalized executive, who will be available to answer all your questions and guide you in the best use of our platform and information for your business.

    In addition, you can write by WhatsApp, email, telephone and even schedule video calls for training and resolution of queries.

    We invite you to personally discover each of these benefits by trying the experience of exploring foreign trade information through our portal.
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