More profitable logistics operations with Veritrade

Published on 25 August 2021

Discover the ways Veritrade can help you be more successful and efficient in the storage, dispatch and transportation of goods to and from the country.

Logistics operators are a fundamental part of the foreign trade system. Their work allows exporters and importers to ship and receive goods, while keeping them in good condition.

Although their work is mainly focused on customer orders and understanding the different points of the distribution and storage chain, it is important to have the necessary information at hand to provide the best service. In this article, we explain how Veritrade can be useful for each of the different functions.

    First function: warehouse management

  • 1. 1. Sizes the movement of goods by company or market.
  • Through our platform, you can have a clear idea of the amount of goods that a potential customer might request to transport or store. As an example, the following table shows the movement of fresh asparagus from Peru by the main exporters. In this way, it is possible to have a reference on the amount of space that should be reserved in case any of the companies on the list request their services.
    The exercise can be repeated by applying filters by destination, either for the whole market or for a specific company.

    Second function: picking

  • 2. 2. Quantifies customs and port cargo volumes.
  • A fundamental part of the picking of goods and their preparation for transport is to have a clear idea of the value of the total cargo of a product that goes out in each shipment made by all the logistics operators in the different ports of a country or those used by a company around the world. Specifically, it will be possible to manage a reference of each movement corresponding to a customs declaration, as shown in the following table. It should be noted that the same type of analysis can also be done for the points from which importers in each country receive the products.

  • 3. 3. Discover the routes and ports of greatest movement.
  • As a complement to the above, you can also get an idea of which ports are the most used for each type of goods, and which are the most used routes. Veritrade's platform generates graphs automatically without the need to process data by data.

    Third function: transportation and distribution

  • 4. Analyze who is operating in the various transportation routes.
  • When evaluating the transportation routes to be used, it is convenient to know the way in which the product is regularly moved. One of the functions of the portal is to obtain details of the modes used for each product and destination, and you can even filter by company name or include more than one tariff heading.

Additionally, Veritrade allows to deepen this analysis at the level of logistics operators, customs and transport companies. The table shown in the following section shows how to obtain the data of the companies in charge of each export or import operation, either for all transport routes or separately, as shown in the example.

To complement the choice of means of transport, it is necessary to choose the most convenient routes. A good reference is the demand that each may have on the part of other agents, as shown in point 3. This can give a reference on where there is coverage by airlines or shipping lines, as well as a flow of similar products for which adequate preservation or care conditions are offered. It should be noted that even more details can be obtained for each customs declaration, including the value and quantity of the shipments.

With Veritrade, your operations will be better managed and you will be able to make the best decisions.
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