Veritrade arrived in Colombia!

Published on 20 January 2020

Veritrade arrived in Colombia!

In order to continue with its international expansion, since January 2020, Veritrade opened a new office in the city of Bogotá. With this new headquarters, there will be four offices that will be added to continue driving growth in Latin America, joining the first three: Miami - USA, Lima - Peru and Santiago - Chile.

This new location to serve the Colombian market, seeks for customers to have access to the online platform with information on Colombian foreign trade, from 17 countries in Latin America and 31 countries most formed by the European Union, USA, Canada, China and India, through annual business plans, with easy, dynamic and predictive usability and navigation; focused on continuous innovation and optimal technology.

In addition, being present in the country with this office in Bogotá, will allow you to have personalized attention and be in direct contact with the client, as well as having local billing; which will give very important support for growth in this country.

According to Juan Carlos Santisteban, CEO of Veritrade, this international expansion strategy has been planned by the company during the year 2019 and Colombia was chosen as the fourth country to provide the necessary opportunities to continue the sustained growth of the company. It is important to mention that the company has, to date, customers in more than 35 countries around the world and in almost all Latin American countries. In addition to the growth it has had throughout 2019, our website was visited by 2,404,977 unique users in more than 200 countries, presenting a growth of 49.27% ??compared to 2018 and the country where more visits were made in 2019 was Colombia (Source: Google Analytics).

With this fourth office, Veritrade is committed to continue promoting business actions and tactics that can align to the business model of its customers and can have accurate, up-to-date information about their businesses and markets to remain their best ally in decision making.

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