Spanish cured ham makes its way in Mexico

Published on 16 December 2019

Imports of this product in the North American country from Spain have increased in 2019, consolidating itself as the main origin of the category.

Spain is known for its culinary tradition globally, based on cheeses, wines, seafood and, above all, ham. The reputation gained by this product has allowed it to position itself above other competitors such as Italy, origin of the prosciutto, the United States and France.

In the following table, you can see how the value of imports of this product has increased, which gains ground as consumers' gastronomic culture increases, increasingly globalized by the advancement of communications.

According to the Opportimes portal, the import is made by distributors of gourmet products that represent several Spanish brands. As a particular fact, Opportimes highlights that along with Mexico City, the other two most important destinations are Cancun and Riviera Maya, which shows the importance of the hotels, restaurants and casinos (Horeca) channel, and also identifies that the profile The consumer includes Spanish migrants or descendants of Spaniards, and people with travel experience and tourists.

All of the above, added to the reputation of the origin, has positioned the product above the substitutes from other countries, as shown in the following table.

Additionally, it highlights the fact that high value consumption or high demand for immediate availability lead to shipments also being made by air. This allows to ensure a better treatment, so that the product arrives in better condition at the destination.

In the following table, the distribution of the means of transport can be observed.

With commercial openness, greater globalization and economic growth, the conditions will continue for the Spanish ham to continue advancing in the Mexican market. For more information on the movement of Spanish products to Mexico, you can enter the Veritrade portal.

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