Mango exports overcome adversities

Published on 28 November 2019

The production performance of this campaign may be similar to that of the previous one despite the problems caused by the prolongation of the cold season.

This last quarter, the mango harvest in Ecuador could be similar to that of 2018, in which 56,000 boxes were exported. As mentions, this year the winter rains were prolonged, so the campaign, started in the fortnight of September, began with a delay or lower yield and has produced 400 boxes less than the previous year.

It should be noted that, if the numbers of 2018 were repeated, the results had remained stable for the third consecutive year, as we can see in the following table, which details the evolution of Ecuadorian mango exports in the last two years.

On the other hand, the prices received so far show a good evolution. This is due in part to the quality of the fruit, which according to the information advanced by the producers, is in optimal qualities in terms of size (size) and color.

As for destinations, the United States is by far the main market. Diversification is essential to cover risks, so you have to work both to continue taking advantage of the US market, and making your way in Asia and Europe.

One of the options is to develop value offer through air shipments, valued in markets with high purchasing power due to the greater freshness of the fruit. In the following tables, you can see the distribution of destinations and means of transport, and the importance of the airway for the particular case of the Netherlands, a clear example of a destination with potential for value offer, as well as other European countries that it would no longer depend on the passage of fruit through the port of Rotterdam. Similarly, Japan has consumption potential for exports by plane.

In general terms, the export of fruit is a way of promoting value creation in areas of high incidence of poverty. Collection and even direct export mean that producers make the effort to improve standardization and efficiency, so that education is also an important component.

For now, Ecuadorian mango production has shown resilience, and the results are expected to be even better next year if the weather normalizes in the following winter.

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