Frozen pork export from Chile on the rise

Published on 19 August 2019

The South American country not only stands out for its copper, salmon, wood and derivatives. On the livestock sector side, pig production is very competitive internationally...

When talking about Chile's export portfolio, the first thing that comes to mind is copper, salmon, wood, pulp or cellulose for stationery, fruits and wines. However, pig producers have also occupied an important place in the country's industry, and have managed to develop a level of competitiveness that has allowed them to reach large and distant markets, in addition to supplying the region.

In fact, according to World Exports, Chile occupies the thirteenth place, with a 1.5% share globally, and the third regionally, after two countries of great extension and livestock tradition, such as Brazil 3.8%) and Mexico ( 1.9%) This is worthwhile considering that it is a country located at a greater distance due to its latitude, and that it does not have the abundance of spaces for extensive agriculture that supplies the production of feed to feed the animals.

At the moment, export destinations have been mostly Asian and regional. Shipments have been concentrated in markets that are not large producers, as the main exporters are from North America or Western Europe.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the development of the Peruvian market as a sign of the use of competitiveness. The pig industry in Peru is not small, but it does not reach the levels of production or quality that allow Chilean producers to arrive with premium or lower price lines.

It should be noted that shipments are made by sea, even in the case of neighboring countries such as Peru, which could be made by land. The durability of the frozen product allows you to take advantage of efficient forms of transport as long as the cold chain is not broken, which guarantees that the public is reached with a product of high nutritional value and low in saturated fat if it is consumed in fillet without skin .

In general terms, Chile's positioning as a global supplier of swine meat is an example of competitiveness development based on the identification of markets with potential. In this way, production has been able to grow at a strong pace as new buyers were identified. In fact, according to the Association of Pork Producers of Chile (Asprocer), the production of this segment of the livestock industry multiplied by nine between 1985 and 2015.

The case of Chilean pork meat is thus a clear example of development for any livestock or agricultural industry that seeks to expand on the basis of competitiveness and identification of unsatisfied demand around the world.

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