Ecuadorian exports of roses on the rise.

Published on 09 April 2019

The higher prices allowed the value generated by shipments of these flowers from Ecuador to grow.

Ecuador is consolidated as one of the main origins of flowers in the international market. After oil, its main traditional export product, and bananas, shrimp and tuna, the most important in its non-traditional portfolio, roses are the fifth source of foreign currency for shipments of products abroad.

This is the result of a trajectory of more than four decades in the development of the floriculture industry, in which the country has consolidated itself as the third or fourth largest exporter. The signing of trade agreements has been very important, and since the 21st century, shipments have had a special advance in the United States, while since 2017 the European market has been used.

In the following table, you can see the recent evolution of exports of Ecuadorian roses, and how their quality and good production processes have allowed to take advantage of market conditions in a year of lower production.

As for the main markets, the United States and Europe are, by far, the most important, as shown in the following table

Bear in mind, however, that China is a market that has been growing strongly, and that by its scale, it could end up being the second most important if the place is developed. In 2018, the 1.8 million tons of Ecuadorian roses that arrived in the Asian country had a value of US $ 26 million, which became the most brought from all over the world to that destination (65% of the total).

At the moment, exports of Ecuadorian roses to China do not even represent 2% of the total. However, just as the US market developed with the use of treaties, and it has managed to reach more sophisticated and demanding consumers in developed countries in general through organic certifications and others linked to sustainability, new markets can be opened, such as Chinese, through work with the government on issues such as the promotion of origin or work on overcoming barriers linked to it. The challenge is to do it in a persistent and planned way, supporting entrepreneurs to materialize their expansion objectives, create more jobs and increase the income of those who occupy them.

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