Import of Mackerel in Peru: How can an import affect and alert the demand for a product in a country?

Published on 29 November 2017

A few days ago, SANIPES alerted Peruvian citizens not to consume canned fish of the Chinese company: Tropical Food Manufactoring (NINGBO) Co, Ltd. This happened because they detected parasitic worms in a conserve of mackerel that could put the health of Peruvian consumers at risk.
That is why the Peruvian government has decided to prohibit the import and commercialization of all the products coming from the Chinese company. With the passage of time, other Peruvian companies would be involved in what happened because they also have NINGBO as a supplier of mackerel for their preserves. Quickly many supermarkets began to remove the preserves of the brands involved for the sake of their consumers.

If we talk about numbers ...

The total kilos imported so far in 2017 from mackerel to Peru are 2,299,984 Kg. Ecuador is the main supplier for Peru, obtaining 64%, then China complements the other 36% of the total, sending Peru 822,106 kg. Of that total, the main type of canned mackerel that reaches the Peruvian market in China is 718.908 kilos in oil.

If instead of kilos we speak in monetary terms, the total amount (CIF) of imports of Chinese mackerel to Peru amount to US $ 2,791,118 in total. Very close to the amount that Ecuador has that is US $ 3,217,775 dollars.

The imports of canned mackerel have been increasing during the last 3 years. Since 2014, the import of preserves into oil is increasing in leaps and bounds every year. Undoubtedly, the import until this year is going very well but after the stoppage of the import the figures may not grow much anymore.


China has an important role in Peruvian imports and in Latin America as it is one of the largest importers of canned mackerel and many other foods. What happened will affect the image for the consumption of Chinese mackerel preserves and in general. Latin American companies must give great importance to the quality control they have over the product they handle, especially if it is a consumer product that can be harmful to health.

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