¿How will the exports of Colombia to the USA influence the arrival of Trump to the presidency?.

Published on 02 December 2016

We have all had our best childhood friend. Where we became very close friends because we grew up together. We had the same interests, we made trips to new adventures, we shared each other's favorite toys and we made the same football team a bar by leaving us without a voice.

Then we grow and each one takes different paths, because the idea that most of the favorite toys are in someone else's house is not so much fun anymore. You want to recover your guitar, but it turns out that your lifelong friend uses it and it's practically his. And then you ask for your things back and if your lifelong friend is always going to be your friend ... it is not the same as before.

We see that after the rise of 2006, prices have only remained and in the last year they have fallen by 20%.

In Latin America, we have always thought of the United States. as the most interesting country to export being a very large economy with constant growth and unstoppable demand. But now it turns out that the roads are becoming more distant, the frontiers become more evident and now they want to reevaluate all the free trade agreements.

In the case of Colombia, an average of 25% of all exports were exported, being the main destination for exports.

If we go to the detail of these exports we can make three groups, (I) fossil products and minerals (II) agricultural products, vegetables and fruits (III) luxury mineral products.

With the new US protectionist policy It's time to make new friends to carry a diversified trade balance. Who could be the new candidates for this friendship? Definitely they have to be economies where the demand for these products is on the rise and they handle foreign trade policies of mutual benefit.

In the case of the first group, the largest country to export is China, which is the main country where Ferroalloys are exported, with 39% and the second country that is exported. Crude oils of oil or bituminous minerals, with 16%.

In the case of the second group, Belgium is the main market for exporting bananas with 26% and the third market for exporting coffee with 8%.

In the case of the third group, Switzerland and Hong Kong are the best bidders to affirm our ties

Well, it's never too late to seek new friendships and strengthen ties. As we grow, each sector matures and this involves opening new horizons, finding new ways and strengthening friendships.

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