¿How has demand for pyrotechnic products moved in Peru?

Published on 20 December 2016

Fireworks are devices that have been prepared for pyrotechnic reactions to occur inside. There are different sizes by means of a structure and different colors, by means of the metals used. The raw material is what makes the whole light show work: black powder, steel dust, zinc, copper (intense green), potassium chlorate (lilac color), calcium chloride, copper nitrate, barium (apple green) ), strontium (intense red) and lithium chloride (soft red).

Pyrotechnics is widely used in the entertainment industry, for holidays, for agriculture, livestock, fishing and mining. Although it has become a tool, the greatest use is for festive parties. China, a country that managed to develop the fireworks industry, was able to perfect its technique, obtaining the most beautiful and elaborated exhibitions. Currently, Peru buys 98% of the pyrotechnics from China and only 2% from the USA.

While the colored lights in the sky, come to be admired for achieving a beautiful temporary sculpture in the air, it has also claimed many human losses. December 29, 2001 is a date that many will not forget. The hell started with fireworks in Round Table, devouring 6 blocks, taking 400 lives and 247 wounded. The material losses were of 10 million dollars.

We see the level of demand to cover fires and distinguish that there are peaks in August, September, decrease in October and resume their peak in November to January. The demand may have decreased, but consumers fail to learn safety techniques, therefore, they continue to cause fires.

It is important to know if the local market continued to encourage pyrotechnics in Peru. We reviewed the commercial data of Veritrade and obtained the following information.

The importation of pyrotechnics has decreased dramatically. This has been achieved thanks to the exhaustive work of SUCAMEC , (National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use) that has ordered that the sale of these products be made only in fairs authorized. The SUNAT is in charge of seizing the pyrotechnics that do not comply with the tax documentation.

What surprises us a lot is that despite the fact that imports have decreased dramatically, the emergencies reported by firefighters as a result of the fires are still very high and can not be reduced despite all the seizures of the SUNAT pyrotechnics. .

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