Mango exports have been on the rise for two years

Published on 06 November 2018

2018 has been a record year for Peruvian mango exports. Fortunately, the El Niño Phenomenon did not affect flowering, and excellent results were obtained.

Mango is one of the main and oldest non-traditional export products of Peru. However, its sensitivity to weather variations (the absence of cold at night can affect flowering) and treatment in export make it a volatile and delicate product (in fact, it has to be sent by air to distant markets such as Asia, which still represents a small fraction of the main destinations).

It is surprising that in the year after the El Niño Costero Phenomenon, the value and volume of exports have increased. The explanation is in the stage where the rainy season ends, which is prior to flowering (when the plant is favored by the lack of rainfall), and coincided with a colder than usual period due to the La Phenomenon. Girl.

As a result, production reached 207,000 tons in the campaign, 14% more than in the previous one. This allowed the weight of fresh mango shipments to rise from 118,850 tons to 165,184 tons between January-August 2017 and January-August of this year. In sum, the total value of exports of fresh mango, dehydrated, in pulp or juice has reached a record level in the last season, as part of a tendency to recover the sustained rise of recent years.

As for the main destinations, the last campaign was highlighted by the recovery of the European market, supplied through the port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. It is also important to note the progress of South Korea as a destination, after the authorization for the entry of Peruvian mango in November 2015.

The future of mango exports in Peru depends on the opening of new markets and the expansion of crops, given that harvests are made when the rest of the countries do not produce fruit. However, it is important to consider the weather risk, and the needs of each destination according to their preferences and shipping conditions.

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