Published on 26 September 2018

In order to support its international expansion strategy, Veritrade, starting in October 2018, opens a commercial office in Santiago, Chile.

According to a conversation we had with Juan Carlos Santisteban, CEO of Veritrade, it is the third Veritrade office that joins its parent company in the USA and the office in Peru (Lima), which promotes growth in the Latin American region .

The Chilean office will be able to offer to the local market the commercial plans of access to Chilean foreign trade information, from 17 countries in Latin America and 31 additional countries between the European Union, USA, Canada, China and India.

This value proposition to serve the market in Chile, is that customers can access the platform on the Internet, through annual business plans, and manage foreign trade information with easy, dynamic and predictive usability and navigation; focused on continuous innovation and optimal technology. Personalized customer service will also be an important part of this proposal, as well as the possibility of delivering local invoices to Chilean customers; will give a very important support for growth in this country.

According to Santisteban, the strategy of international expansion has been planned by the company since 2017 and Chile was chosen because it is a country that provides the necessary opportunities to continue the sustained growth of Veritrade. It is important to mention that Veritrade to date has clients in more than 35 countries around the world and in almost all Latin American countries. So far in 2018, the website was visited by 1,118,840 unique users in more than 200 countries (Source: Google Analytics).

With this third office, Veritrade continues taking actions and implementing commercial tactics to align its business model with its vision of being the strategic ally of companies doing business in Latin America.

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