Latin American food exports worldwide

Published on 17 April 2018

Latin America is the origin of 13% of food exports worldwide

A note from the EFE agency reported that the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) highlighted that Latin America is responsible for 13% of global food exports. The figure rises to more than 30% if it includes North America, which has an important participation in the supply of wheat, soy and corn products.

In this case, we will focus on the origins of the main products in the Netherlands (gateway for agro-industry to Europe, through the port of Rotterdam), China and the United Kingdom; in all cases, during 2017. The selected products are cocoa, coffee and asparagus.

We begin by reviewing the origins of tropical forest products. The latitudes of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru allow the production of coffee, cocoa and bananas of the highest quality, even higher than that of Asian and African origins (especially in more delicatessen products, such as coffee and cocoa), and with great potential in the organic certifications.

Countries of origin of imported cocoa in the main non-American markets

The grain that gives rise to chocolate is produced in the best way in rainforests. In this case, the zones that cushion the encounter between the Amazon and the Andes are the perfect space for their development. There are ultra aromatic varieties such as porcelain cocoa, national cacao, trinitarian cacao or creole cacao, which have exceptional value in the international market. Ecuador stands out in Asia, while Peru makes its appearance for European markets.

Countries of origin of imported coffee in the main non-American markets

In the case of coffee, the reasons for determining the origins are the same as cocoa. Likewise, the qualities of the products allow access to Premium markets, although there is also a very important participation in the conventional market. Specifically, Colombia stands out as a source of large volumes of conventional Arabica coffee, while Peru and Ecuador are concentrated in organic and ultra aromatic varieties after toasting.

Countries of origin of asparagus in the main non-American markets

Finally, an emblematic product in the supply of food to the world from America is the asparagus. In the 90s, Peru began the transition to the modern agro-industry that Chile had started years ago, with the green stem as a pilot. The result is comparable to that of the Chilean salmon industry, or of Colombian and Ecuadorian bananas in the first half of the 20th century.

The list of outstanding products in the region continues with giant squid, blueberries and pomegranate.
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