Sexy lingerie for America

Published on 08 September 2017

Colombian lingerie is one of the most requested by women around the world for its details of clothing and the quality offered by each of these. When talking about details, we refer as its main characteristics to the seductive or daring that each woman can see dressing her and her comfort, since they are pieces that are usually used more often and talk a lot about them.

The Colombian lingerie category with the passage of time has shown that it has always been able to find the balance of seduction and comfort. That's why when you talk about Colombian fashion, one of the main categories is your lingerie.

With the trusa as the main piece of lingerie, it is also the main piece to be exported abroad, occupying 56% of the total between brassieres and bra girdles.

If the numbers are concerned, the total amount of exports at FOB level adds up to $ 229, 297, 388 during the last 4 years. With a peak of $ 85, 467, 829 in 2014 and the following years at an average of $ 60, 900, 363, although there is a decrease in the exports of these products, it is expected that in 2017 sales will continue the same average or increase.

The largest Colombian lingerie brands are not only the main ones in the same country, but in different countries of America. Brands such as Ellipse or Leonisa come to compete with large companies such as Victoria Secret. The secret so that each lingerie brand continues to grow and that Colombia also begins to grow more is through the innovation of its products and looking for new markets or segments here.

The popularity of lingerie is expanding throughout Latin America, with Peru and the United States as the main customers. There are also countries in which Colombian lingerie is already starting to be well positioned as Mexico, where there are more and more shops and people know more about it according to El Economista.

Finally to conclude, Colombian brands should use their strong position in our continent to grow back more and be preferred by women around America and the world.

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